(Movies Review) Unroyal: The Contemporary Royal Drama you can(t) miss

Unroyal (Movie Review)

Okay, hey guys. Miss us? Well, we are back again like we never left.

Today, we shall be reviewing the movie Unroyal, which was out in the cinemas on Friday March 20.

Unroyal is the latest movie of Matilda Lambert. It is a Contemporary Royal Drama with all the glitz and glamour of the modern day palace and royal lifestyle.

In as much as we liked the fact that veteran Nollywood icon, Pete Edochie is back and doing well (Ooiiin) in bravely interpreting the Royal Highness role, the movie Unroyal didn’t really give us the vibe we paid for.

It was an old Nollywood tale which we had seen over and over again; African Magic way but we bet you, you would have lots of laughter, courtesy, Bishop Okon and Abayomi Alvin.

Unroyal is the story of Princess Boma (Matilda Lambert) who is from a strong royal family.

Princess Boma has everyone and everything at her beck and call. This privilege makes her arrogant without respect for anyone or anything. She also hits anybody at the slightest provocation; her suitors, gateman, just anybody.
However, fate turns her fortune around and in her dying state, she is relegated to the same position she enjoys putting others.

Until one of the person’s she had constantly harassed saves her Royalty and her life too.

Meanwhile, we noticed some exaggerated scenes, which includes Boma’s ghost not being able to disappear but running around the streets to get back into her body lying at the hospital.

In all, it was fun and deep lessons to take home.

The movie also stars actors like Shaffy Bello, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Emem Inwang among others.

Okay, now the verdict! Unroyal is not totally worth the N2,500, unless you just want to pass time!


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