Ireti Doyle ignores ‘husband’ Patrick Doyle on his 60th birthday

Ireti and Patrick Doyle

Popular and veteran Nollywood actress, Iretiola Doyle has ignored her husband, Patrick Doyle as he marked his 60th birthday.

Her broadcaster husband, Patrick turned 60 on Monday. Ireti did not make any effort of PDA towards him even though he received lots of love from family and friends.

Incidentally, she put up a birthday message same day to colleague Michelle Dede who share same date with her husband.

Patrick took to his Facebook page to thank his siblings for putting a smile on his face as he shared a video of himself posing with a cake.

Friends of the celebrity couple were left worried by the action of the actress. There are some quiet insinuations that the 15-year-old marriage has crashed irrevocably.

Recall that in 2017, the actress walked out of her marriage over undisclosed allegations. In March 2019, just about a year ago, Patrick had publicly reaffirmed his love for his wife Ireti after what he described as a moment he failed in his duties as a husband and father.

“As usual, she has with compassion released me from the dog house and reinstate me as Master of the house.” he added

An apology she ignored and maintained a stoic silence over her reconciliation with husband.

It’s exactly one year since Patrick Doyle publicly apologized to his wife but it appears that things have fallen apart, and the center can not hold. It obviously has really gone bad beyond repair between the two couple.


  1. I think some matters are really none of our business. Especially the issues between a husband and his wife… It is God that brought them together, he is the one to straighten out their issues… My prayer is that the Lord will give Ireti the heart to forgive and let go and the husband the grace to be gracious to his wife and also forgive her short comings… Cause we all have them (in Jeus name, Amen)


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