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How many of your husband’s side chicks do you intend to fight – Oge Nsimah asks wives

oge nsimah

A professional realtor, Oge Nsimah has reacted to the recent trend of wives attacking their husband’s side chicks in public.

In a post shared on IG, Oge Nsimah advised such women to ignore the side chicks and face their husband at home.

She also revealed that the reason why women have husbands that cheat is because they married a promiscuous man from the onset.

She wrote: “Dear wives of unfaithful men that goes around beating their husband mistress,
Do you actually know, that your husband current side chic is not going to be his last mistress.? How many do you intend to fight.? Isn’t dawn on you that your husband is the actual home breaker and joy killer that you have and not the other woman..? Your husband mistress owns you no allegiance
She does not owe her commitment and faithfulness.
She is only accountable to God and herself… Women, gather your shits and face your demons at home… Some of you will intentionally go and marry a community penis whose hobby is to ejaculate in any available hole when he started practising his hobby, you will be disturbing the whole virtual space, calling fire and brimstone… You husband made himself a
National cake for hungry ladies to feed on…they sha will cut their share and leave you to carry your life burden… You choose that cross, bear it in peace.
A serial cheat will always be a cheat.
It’s not the other woman fault.

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This post is not any kind of support to mistress…its for wives with unfaithful husband to do things properly… But, look out for the serial cheats in men and the pen*s defenders…
they will come for this post”.

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