Daddy freeze tells why women should not allow peace reign in a marriage

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has explained in his post on Instagram why women should not be the only one to allow peace reign in a marriage. According to the media personality, peace reigning in a marriage is not the women’s job.

The 43 year old reacted to a post he came across that said “women will not have peace if they fail to give their husbands peace”. Daddy freeze explained that peace in marriage should be equilibrium as far as what he has experienced is concerned and he used his relationship with his wife as an example.

He captioned his post on Instagram saying ;

“Ten years ago I’d have agreed with her wholeheartedly. Today, with the experience that I’ve gained, it’s a totally different ball game. ‘Giving peace’ is the job of both parties. I give @tastebudzng peace, she gives me peace in return; or she gives me peace and I return her peace and the peace is maintained. No woman can continue to give peace to a man who doesn’t reciprocate her gesture and no man can give peace to a feisty and troublesome woman. Peace has to be I. Equilibrium. This doesn’t mean you won’t have issues from time to time or you won’t have quarrels but being peaceful and peaceable should be the utmost priority of both husbands and wives”.

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Recall that about a year ago, Daddy Freeze’s first marriage failed and led to a divorce. He late said on Instagram that “You don’t have to be married to be blessed, you don’t have to be married to be happy, you don’t have to be married to be rich or successful in business, you don’t even have to be married to make heaven. “I learnt all these when my first marriage failed and after the first 2 weeks of me being alone, I realized how much happier I truly was. “With my rib, @tastebudzng I find it so effortless, she immediately understood my purpose and set out to help me become the best me”.

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Do you agree with Daddy Freeze ?

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