Coronavirus: Reno Omokri calls for identity of Italian man to be released

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Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has questioned why the identity of the Italian man who brought coronavirus to Nigeria has not been revealed.

Omokri who shared on Twitter recalled how the identity of Patrick Sawyer who brought Ebola to Nigeria was released.

He also pointed out how the identity of a Nigerian football who contracted coronavirus in Italy was published by the authorities in the country as he wonders why Nigeria can’t do the same to the Italian man who brought the deadly virus to the country.

He wrote: “A simple question: Why was the identity of Patrick Sawyer, the index case of #Ebola in Nigeria, released, while that of the Italian index case of #COVID19 is not? It is the same scenario. Was Sawyer less of a human being than this anonymous Italian? Would the identity of a Nigerian, who introduced such to Italy, be kept secret? A Nigerian player in the Italian league, Serie C, Paul Akpan Udoh, contracted corona virus in Italy, and his identity was released by the Italian authorities. If we released Patrick Sawyer’s identity over Ebola, why are we giving this Italian anonymity?”.

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