Tattoo and dreadlocks does not make you a criminal – Dolapo Badmus


CSP Dolapo Badmus has stated that having tattoo on one’s body and wearing dreadlocks as hair are not what makes one a criminal.

The celebrity policewoman took to social media with the statement to enable people known their rights.

She also advised that people should resist any attempt from a police officer to make an arrest based on tattoo and dreadlocks.

Dolapo Badmus wrote:

”HAVING TATTOO ON YOUR BODY OR DREADLOCKS ON YOUR HEAD DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL. Resist the intimidation of any law enforcer who wants to use that as basis to terrorize you by remaining calm,firm, courteous and insisting on not being a criminal for having that.”

Her warning comes amidst security operatives profiling youths with tattoo and dreadlocks as criminals and having them arrested.

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