Sophie Momodu speaks after Davido’s 2nd baby mama reveals plans to run away with daughter

Sophie Momodu has advised young mothers not to put their happiness in the hands of another human being.

This comes after Amanda, the second baby mama of her baby daddy Davido, took to social media to reveal plans to run away with her child and never come back.

Sharing pictures from her trip to the Maldives, Sophie Momodu wrote:

“Not typically one for long captions however a lot of ladies have been writing me & I thought I’d share my thoughts on my 45min boat ride to the airport.

  • Self love is a continuous journey.. make it a point to love yourself a little harder with each waking day.
  • To my African sisters because the world is harder on us than anyone else, our cultures & traditions make us unique but never let it imprison you.. listen to your mother’s advice but bare in mind that your parents will be talking to you about a time that no longer exists.. & like a wise woman once told me you can’t heal new wounds with old medicine
  • To young mothers try everything you can to not project your personal trauma’s & fears onto your daughters instead teach them early the things that you wish you had known earlier.
  • Never put your happiness in the hands of another human being because human beings are fickle. No one is gonna save you but YOU. Love & Light TSM”
I wish I could disappear with my kid and never come back- Davido's baby mama

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