Only God could have done this! The vital documents vanished from the drawer…

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This is a testimony that shows that there is nothing God in heaven can not do. It is about my father. I will cut off his place of work and his position in this testimony because the attention is to  be directed to what the Lord did.

He was in charge of a vital document in his office courtesy of his position. According to him, it was in a drawer in his office where other files were.A day came, the document was needed and with the officials with whom he was to go with the file to the superior officer

He went to his drawer , searched and searched for the file.Alas it was no where to be found. He checked every other place in his office, he could not lay his hand on it.

My father said he started sweating profusely. He understood what it meant – A sell – Out of the official document. A summarily dismissal with no benefit and would also be prosecuted was being hanged on him.

He had to pull a call to the superior officer asking him to give him a little  more time to look for it.He gave an excuse that his surbodinate officer was on leave and the file might be with him.

Only God could have done this! Today being the last Sunday in 2019…

A month passed and  there was no trace of the file.Pressures were being mounted on my dad. My dad thought of escaping put of the country because of the intending embarrassment and shame.

However, on another thought, to do as he had earlier thought would bring more problem to him and his family. What would he then do? You want to know what he did? He withdrew all his money in the bank and brought it to the Lord’s altar.The Pastor did not know of this.No member of the church was aware of this issue.

It was between my father and God.

He said he told God he was raising an altar to Him and that whatever HE wanted to happen to him , he was ready to bear it.

My father told God that he had waited for Him, God and HE would have to save him according to his Word.The Lord Almighty rules in the affairs of men.Within three days the Lord spoke to him through dream to show him the way out.In his dream in the night, God appeared to my dad with the face of the Man of God placed over the church.

HE told my father not to be afraid. And HE gave him very detailed and precise steps to take.The file was in the premises and in a locked drawer !The next working day, my father did as he was instructed in the dream.

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Truly the particular drawer was put under lock and key.He waited for the officer in charge of the drawer to come so as to open it for both of them to check the files in there.

The official came but refused to open the drawer. It belonged to him alone, he proffesed. See the devil trying hard to thwart the victory the Lord had wrought.Who can withstand this Almighty God? Another officer intervened that the man should open the drawer that they all check it together.The man blatantly refused.

My father left the place.One thing was sure, if God was in a thing, no man or force can contend with God without hurting himself.

This man ,who refused to open the drawer, came himself to my dad with the document in his hand.He released it to himOnly God knew what happened to him after they had all left him.The Lord is the Almighty.

When HE arrests a man, who can deliver from His hand.

That is how my father was divinely bailed out.A man about to retire !God forbidded it that he left the place in shame and empty handed To God be the glory, Great things HE had done, Halleluiah Amen

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