Only God could have done this! I lived carelessly from teenage years…

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I am a single mother.My son is 10 years old I had lived carelessly from teenage years. I smoked. I drank anything. My son was also was into drinking.

Whenever I told him to stop it, he would tell me, But you ,mummy, are also doing it

We could not stop of our own.Until last year November ( 2019 ) when I was watching a television program of Dunamis International Gospel church  that I did not deliberately switch to,  that the merciful Lord drew me to Himself

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As I was watching the service on TV , my mind was subdued.

My heart longed for help that could only come from God .Without even being inside church, the Lord Himself arrested  my decayed life.I decided going to the church from then on.

This is February 2020, I have met taken any drink since then Same for my son

Thank God for His Infinite mercies that located me and pulled me out  of the pit of destruction and made me a better daughter of HisAll the glory to my Father in heaven

Truly, there is life in Jesus. The life I was living before was no life

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I can not thank God enough.

I ask Him to help me live the rest of my life to please Him and for me to be able to recover lost ground in working for Him in any capacity.

HE is the Lord.

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