Makeup is a scam that gives audio beauty – Nollywood actress Chacha Eke reveals why she stopped using makeup

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has come out to explain that she is tired of audio beauty referring to makeup as a scam. According to her, she was desperate to meet the societal standards of beauty which led to her using almost all the products recommended to her. But the products made her suffer breakouts, made her skin lighter, and dug a hole in her pocket.

She made this known in a video she posted on YouTube.

Watch Video below:

She added that she was also tired of living a lie by photoshopping her photos and using too much makeup. She has decided to embrace and appreciate her natural self.

She mentioned that people who look perfect on social media do not look anywhere close to that in real life.

Do you think Chacha made the right decision?

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Yinka Ogunlewe

Adeyinka is an entertainment and fashion content writer with years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of English language from Lagos State University (LASU, Ojo). She obtained a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos. She likes to read, write, surf the internet, listen to music and hang out with friends.


  1. Pleaseooooooo! my dear cha cha you made the right decisions because in life is always good to be yourself then trying to be what you’re not, I like your decision NNE.

  2. She made her choice,,,, and i think she is saying the right thing,,,,, adding a lot of Mod in building your face all in one name of makeup,,,, spell the original you…..

  3. You’re right my dear. I am not a make up person, I don’t edit or filter my photos before posting it online. It doesn’t make sense to look beautiful by masking your face with make up but naturally you look like vulture.

  4. Thumbs up dear, you deserve an award for that. No need to leave a lie, be who you are and you find peace than being a hypocrite. Dont let society define you or set you standards. Am personally a natural person no make up, pedicure, manicure etc and am proud to be who i am. Juss use natural products like honey and Banana to mantain my skin tone period.

  5. Yes oooo dear u made the right choice. I don’t fancy makeup too, also always gives me breakout .just be your real self and you look good without makeup dear.

  6. U have been my Nigeria role model..taking this decision is best .at least u will try treating ur face if its fungi ..you r still beautiful…

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