How married man lost his wife of 7 years to a randy pastor


According to a Twitter user, simply identified as Tolani Baj a certain pastor has ruined the marriage to one of his church members after he got the wife pregnant right inside their matrimonial home.

Tolani stated that the marriage which had lasted over 7 years was shattered based on the pastor’s randy nature.

She shared the story via her Twitter timeline “My tailor was in tears this past weekend. His church pastor has impregnated his wife of 7 years +. The wife now moved out of the house to follow pastor & cut all communication with him. Women are scumPastor’s reason for his frequent visit to the house was that their family was under a curse. 
“Your family in the village are the cause of your misfortune” so therefore, they needed special prayer & fasting.Whole time, pastor was just coming to knack the wife.”

Although some of her followers are in doubt of the authenticity of the story as no church was mentioned or the particular area in which the ugly incidence took place, but she is insisting that it is indeed a true life story.


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