Drama as Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus stops by the road to buy roasted plantain

Popular Nigerian police officer, Dolapo Badmus who recently welcomed a baby girl with her husband, got more than she bargained for, when she alighted from her vehicle to buy roasted plantain and groundnut today!

Read her narration below:

“So I came down from my vehicle to buy roasted Plantain (Boli) and groundnut (EPA) a guy saw me and said ohhh!!!Opetodolapo, so you too dey eat Boli and EPA?! I’m like “excuuuuuuse me?! I never knew I’m one🙄”.

What’s wrong with me eating Boli and Epa, he was like haaaa celebrities don’t suppose to eat Boli and EPA nah! Really?! Who told you that?! Ahn ahn Bros so celebrities don’t have blood 🩸 in them right?! Bros bikonu celebrities are human beings like you!!!! I lectured him on the nutritional value of Boli especially when it’s not too ripe….how filling it can also be and at the same time how eating it can also save cost (it’s not everyday you patronize expensive restaurant or eat buffet)😁 Bros later agreed with me, I paid for us and I moved on!

On getting back into my car I started ruminating on how people imagine and want to dictate how celebrities’ lives should look like. They imagine celebrities are from another planet! They determine how they should work, eat, talk, and even dance!

They seem not to understand that they are also human and should be allowed to be “normal” at times….I know and understand celebrities should be Pious, as a public figure there are expectations of them but hey when they become “normal” we shouldn’t crucify them for crying out loud!!!! Being a Celebrity is a sacrifice. Ish!!! TGIF”


Iyanu Sunkanmi

Iyanuoluwa Sunkanmi is an engineering graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Iyanuoluwa Sunkanmi is a writer on Kemi Filani News. Writing is something I enjoy doing alongside my Engineering tasks for the day!. You can reach Iyanu Oluwasunkanmi - Tel:+2347061000090 Address: 68 Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


  1. Sexy mama police officer…….. I wonder why and how she got herself in the police sector not movie entertainment industry

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