Actress Chioma Akpotha attacked for ‘disrespecting’ Benin Queen


Nollywood versatile actress,  Chioma Akpota  has been attacked by a social media user for disrespecting the Queen of Benin by twerking in a Benin royal costume.

The mother of two who was joined by other actresses on set for a movie, were seen twerking with the costume as they shared snippets on the Internet.

Following that, a social media user identified as ‘Joystar636’ bashed Mrs Akpotah, as she tagged their actions disrespectful.

The actress, however, replied to ‘Joystar 636’ and mockingly tagged her a queen.

It didn’t end there as ‘Joystar636’ went further to ask the actress to re-educate herself…

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  1. Oba tokpea ISE … Wht she did is very wrong . She abuse the dressing code by twerking … Benin tradition is far different form the ones of igbos.. If thats how igbos do interms of their traditional lifestyle then the bebin people dont acomodate that… She should be warmed before she got surmond in the benin parlace …


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