615 buses, 14 ferries! Lagos provides solution for Okada/Keke ban


The Lagos State Government is set to deploy a fleet of 65 buses and 14 ferries along major routes to reduce the hardship caused by the recent ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles.

Asides the deployed 65 buses, 550 more are being expected, totaling 615!

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotosho, in a Twitter statement, said thus:

A fleet of 65 buses will join the others on some major routes as from Monday, February 3, 2020: No less than 550 more buses are being expected. Besides, 14 ferries will be commissioned on Tuesday. This will further open up the waterways, reduce travel time on various routes and provide safe, dependable and comfortable alternatives for commuters.

Lagos state recently banned the operation of motorcycles (okada) and tricycles (keke) in some local government areas and local council development areas.

The government also listed highways, bridges and roads where it banned motorcycles and tricycles from operating in the state.


  1. You are bringing new buses,do we tell u dat the one on ground is nt enough or can the bus go to adeola odeku and even falomo because u have forgotten that when you are doing your campaign it is those bike that campaign for you and even the Kekenape.


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