Yomi Fabiyi shares struggles he faces with caring for his children, says mothers are mini-gods


Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has revealed the struggles he goes through with parenting his children.

According to him, the struggles have made him concluded that mothers are mini-gods.

Sharing a video showing a father struggling with changing a baby’s diapers, Yomi Fabiyi wrote:

“Baby help me, bi eni pe mi o gbo ri(as if I never heard it before). You better face it.
I personally have this philosophy that I can never claim superior right on any child above the mother, I CAN NEVER TAKE ANY CHILD AWAY FROM THE MOTHER EXCEPT SHE DEMANDS OR UNAVAILABLE. As a matter of fact, I will only appreciate the privilege of co-parenting. Mothers are not ordinary human beings. MOTHERS ARE MINI-GOD.
My 3rd day with Aminat, Waofeek and Amosha explains better(I am enjoying and treasuring the moment). To send them to bed is war, their night shower. They must do assignments before then and they will stress life out of grandma and I.
Now I wave up to check up on them and wake up 6am to start preparing them for school. Thank God for school bus now. My thinking now is about them(So this is what goes in you mother’s brain all the time?). MOTHERS ARE DEBTS NO CHILD CAN FINISH PAYING FOREVER”.

TO EVERY MOTHERS, Idobale mi re(accept my prostration). As a child I am humbled and grateful”.


Source: kemifilani.ng


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