Why I don’t jump from one movie set to another – Actress, Meg Otanwa

Nigerian banker turned actress, Meg Otanwa, in a chat with Sun News revealed why she has been choosy regarding the movies in which she features despite the fierce competition in the industry.

According to Benue State born Otanwa, “I love to do stories I can connect with. It’s totally fine to do stories just for entertainment. But as a person, I do things that are important to me, stories I feel are impacting. I feel that I was gifted this talent for a reason and I will like to use it for that reason.

It got me to a point where I am actually picky about the kind of movies I do. For some actors, they want to be seen everywhere, I don’t care about being seen everywhere. I want to be able to trust my motivation enough for being a part of a project to give that project my all. Visibility for me is not a reason for doing any film. Visibility cannot be my reason for doing a movie. In Africa, we are so blessed yet we are plagued with some circumstances we need to shed light on. I like to use my talent to talk about things that are important. I want to go to bed knowing that my work touched lives.”

Explaining how she copes financially with not starring in every movie, Otanwa said: “I am financially smart; I have a corporate background. I used to work with African Development Bank in Tunis, Tunisia. Obviously because I don’t get to appear in every movie, when I do, I get paid decently.

“I also have a business I run by the side. I have a food business called ‘Belle Busstop’. As you know, if you are not jumping from one movie set to another, you need to have another stream of income.”


Ella Chioma

Ella Chioma is an entertainment and celebrity style editor with years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of Linguistics & African Languages from the University of Ibadan. She obtained a Diploma in Mass Communication from the prestigious Enugu State University Of Science and Technology (Esutech). She likes to write, cook and listen to soothing music. You can reach her on Email: [email protected]

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