Tboss still hiding her baby’s face, reason revealed (Photos)

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Tboss is still hiding her baby’s face as seen in pictures she shared on Instagram which she took with the baby last Christmas.

She wrote:

“Taking pictures with children- Is an Absolute Struggle 🥴
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
To get just a single nice clear photo you better be ready to take 100 or more pictures.
And if you’re wearing make up- Oh well: Better not wear any next time
Happy New Year.
Welcome to 20/20″.


From hiding and denying that she was pregnant to now keeping the face of the baby away from the public, Tboss feels the world is not ready to see what her baby’s face looks like.

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Perhaps, this might be her way of keeping the public from knowing who the child’s father is. Since her face is hidden, no one will be able to link a resemblance to any man.

UTI Nwachukwu and Ubi Franklin have been suspected to be responsible for the baby, but none of them has come out to deny the rumors.

Tboss rose to fame after she participated in the 2017 BBNaija reality TV show.


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