Peruzzi finally responds to his former record label which accused him of defrauding them

Peruzzi has replied King Patrick of Golden Boy Entertainment who claimed he was defrauded by him and Davido.

Read the story and how Davido responded.

In response Peruzzi shared on social media:

“I ain’t cheat nobody. I ain’t take nobody money. believe what you see on here that’s good for you. stay stupis. Talking about “don’t bite the finger that fed you” who fed wh??? when? where? I introduced you as what? But you told me to so that you won’t pay him for the FYP Remix.

“You crying bout songs I wrote for blood. What about the ones you sold to nollywood and other individuals without my consent? Did you pay for any of the ssongs you’re talking about? You rented an apartment for me, no be you sign me? Was I homeless? Fuck this shit.

Davido opens up on racism he suffered at US

“How you turned from reminding me everyday that you’re doing this to help me and you don’t need it, breaking the system where I had recorded over 27 songs cos you had issues with your girl. I lost all data and had to start recording again. Now you wanna die for it”.

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