Only God could have done this! My family went through the shadow of death in 2019…

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God preserved our lives in the new year 2020Father Lord, I acknowledge Your Grace upon my family.

Last year, 2019, the entire family went through the valley of the shadow of death, but the Lord rescued everyone of us.It was as if the enemy was unrepentant.

He pursued us to the very dawn of year 2020.I want to thank the Holy Spirit for laying it in my heart to sow a seed that Cross- Over night service.Little did I know it was a seed of preservation for the entire family.We left the vigil and were going home.

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Some of our extended family members were also with us for you to imagine if we had perished.A whole lot of family !We got to this most popular place of  heavy vehicular movements, my husband , that was used to taking the right side of his lane found himself driving this time, on the left hand side of the laneBefore we could call  Jack Robinson, what  we saw before our very eyes could be  likened to a horror movie.

A heavy laden truck had lost its brake and the driver of the truck was driving down he slope hitting the vehicle before him ,which in turn ,hit the one in its front.And so the hitting continued. Many vehicles were involved. This was happening on the right hand side of the lane.

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There were victims. God,please, have mercy.

I tried to imagine us in the number. I could only be worshipping this our great Almighty God

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