Only God could have done this! She was pregnant for 3 years…

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Kemi, I love reading this column on testimonies being shared on your blog every Sunday. By the grace of God, I will share my own testimony to the whole world this season in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I just heard of the amazing work of the Lord in the lives of people.This testimony was shared in the church – Dunamis International Gospel church on Saturday 25th January 2020.

I keyed into it and prayed that whatever i was locked up in my own destiny too be  set free and loosed Where the presence of God is, there must be power following the message of salvationGod is AwesomeGod is mighty to turn impossibility to possibilitiesGod is able to do unimaginable things beyond our comprehension.

As I deduced from the testimony sent to the church  in Abuja from  Porthacout and  read  out to the hearing of all by the Servant of God himself, Dr Paul Enenche, I beheld the wonder- working God in His glory and power, Sorry for making the preamble long. I am excited about the whole thing.

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This is the Testimony. A woman who had been pregnant from year 2017 put to bed on Monday, 20th January 2020.It was her sister in law that sent the testimony to the church. According to her, , there was nothing her brother and his wife did not do for solution. They had  been to different hospitals and other places when after the normal time to carry pregnancy expired.They were expectant in 2018 , nothing happened.

Last year came, same issue persisted.The woman testifying attends the branch of the church in the southern part of Nigeria while the couple in the midst of the problem reside in Lagos.She  started following the 21 days fasting program, from the distance of  North to South since it started on the 6th of January this year.

I learnt one thing — God is not limited by distance or space.She was standing for her brother and his wife, waiting on God to intervene in the matter that had taken toil on her own emotional   state.

On Sunday, 19th , the Pastor made some Prophetic declarations about people being loosed from where they were tied to. And that also if there were anyone connected to the members present or watching through  any other means and who had a concern about his or her relations, such had been loosened by the power of God.

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The woman said she keyed into it. She sent the message on phone to her brother.God is  not a man that HE should lie.Truly, has HE said a thing and it did not come to pass? The Lord honoured the words of His Servant.HE worked through the situation , loosed the sister in-law of the testifier  and gave the couple a set of twins .This happened at  00. 05  on  Monday morning, just some hours later.

The woman who shared the good news said that she was called from Lagos to be informed of the news very early that Monday morning. With God, all things are possible.

It was a drastic, dramatic and dimensional miracle Hospitals had told her there was nothing in the womb. Who would have said twins – a boy and a girl- could come out after all, these 3years?

With God,I am coming out from the enclosure the enemy might have caged me in in Jesus name.

And if you believe what God does for one HE is able to do for another  shout halleluyah!

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