Maryam Sanda: The one year and 4 months I stayed married was hell for me – Bimbo Akinsanya reveals

Single mum of one and actress Bimbo Akinsanya has also joined the celebrities that have lent their voices to the sad case of Maryam Sanda who was recently sentenced to death for killing her husband.

In an Instagram post, Bimbo who got married in 2014 and got separated from her husband in 2015 when her son was just three months old, claimed thus “Don’t die to save a relationship, kill the relationship and save your life….”

She further posted:

“I left that marriage when my son was just 3 months old😊 you think it was easy to make that decision? No. I left early cos I didn’t want to die, I left early cos I didn’t want to lose my child, I left early cos I didn’t want to be a murderer. ( its a story for another day ) I was married for a year & 4months & it was hellish.

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Hello, DO NOT KILL ANOTHER PERSON’S CHILD all in the name of marriage. I am also a mother & I know how I am striving to train & feed my son. Please, don’t pray or wish for a mother to labour in vain oooo🙏 it must be AN EYE FOR AN EYE🙌🏻 “


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  1. Absolutely nonsense. Sis you pray before going to marriage. some enter into because of wealth. what do you expect. that is nonsense.

  2. I think a law should be made to prosecute all this side chicks and side guys that ruin marriages, so that the offended spouse doesn’t take law into their hands, it’s bigamy though on the guilty spouse but the other party has to face some penance, imagine the side chick Living her life like nothing happened and the both couples are dead, while the rain behind the storm continues her ordeal, I think the legislature system should look into this it would prevent further violence in the home

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