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How a Nigerian lady committed suicide after travelling from Abuja to Lagos to see her Police Boyfriend

An Abuja based lady has reportedly ended her life moments after she travelled from her state to Lagos to visit her police boyfriend

According to an online user, President Aisha, the aggrieved lady felt the need to commit suicide after a series of events which occurred after she risked her life in a road trip to Lagos from Abuja

In what appears to be a tragic incident, the deceased had suffered a tragic road accident which cost her both legs. Upon being admitted to the hospital, she not only become bedridden for some months, but also became handicapped for the rest of her life

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The incident left her with a bill of almost a million Naira, out of which the police lover contributed a meagre N50,000 and stopped visiting

Weeks after raising the said sum of money for the hospital bills from her sister who accrued debts over the issue, the aggrieved lady realised that her police boyfriend was married with three kids and had travelled utside the country

Devastated at the series of event, the said lady was forced into committing suicide

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