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Dr Sid opens up on battle with ‘stroke’

Dr Sid stroke

Mavin Records music artiste, Dr Sid has revealed how he recently battled a self induced frustration stroke after his career got so bad.

In a recent online submission, the father of two adorable girls, confessed that a mild stroke followed that frustration which almost cost him his life.

He then added that “the race is not for the swift, neither is the battle for the strong, or bread to men of understanding”. He indicated that if Nigeria must get better, the change must start with the individual.

He said;

“I have had a period of real difficulty. I have had a period of financial difficulty. I was making music, nothing was working. I wasn’t getting booked at shows. Of my own doing, I didn’t have passive income. I didn’t have anything outside of music. I had health issues; I had high blood pressure and a mild stroke last year. I almost died.

At that point, you think to yourself ‘What’s going on?’ I’ve struggled. In struggling you understand that the only person responsible for the change is you. Same thing with Naija as a whole. The issue with this country starts with individuals.”

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