Day I was embarrassed on a red carpet – Allwell Ademola

Actress and movie producer Allwell Adekola has talked about her most embarrassing moment ever!

In a recent interview with Tribune newspaper, the actress who is presently single but not searching, said thus:

“My most embarrassing moment was where m y shoe pulled on a red carpet and I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know whether to stay or to just pull it, but I later removed it and I had to walk barefooted. That was really embarrassing”

On her best moment, she said “That was when I won the best director of the year. I was not expecting it, I never expected it. It was a shock to me, I have been hardworking and I knew that I deserve it but then, in a setting where the males are more appreciated in a particular field, I was the lady in that category and I never thought that I would be given that award because of the caliber of people in the category with me. I felt elated that I won the award. That is my best moment ever this year.

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