Wherever there is disorder, you cannot kill corruption – Pastor Ashimolowo


Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo has stated that corruption can only be reduced to its barest minimum in a society that is in order.

Ashimolowo disclosed this while Speaking on Channels Television’s Newsnight programme. According to him, President needs good subordinates to help pilot affiars towarss the good intentions in his heart.

“The President has good intentions, a good passion but in my own opinion, he is just like every good leader should be; must have a helicopter view of what he wants. But the microcosms should be dealt with by the subordinates under him.

“If the president says he wants a government that kills corruption, then the people around him should now come up with the systems that make corruption difficult.

“We need those who will take the vision of the president and turn it to systems so that even if you wanted to do it, you were not allowed.”

He added that despite the fact that corruption cannot be killed, it can be reduced through a system that is captured at the lower level.

“Wherever there is disorder, you cannot kill corruption, for you to kill corruption, you must create order and people who like corruption, hate your order.

“Corruption can be stopped, maybe not 100 percent. When we talk about corruption, the passion of the president is so right that there is a need for a system that makes the helicopter view of the president captured at the microcosm level.”

Source: kemifilani.ng


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