Only God could have done this! Today being the last Sunday in 2019…

For the newbies, the KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others.

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Our testimonies as individuals,

Our testimonies as families

Our testimonies as God’s s people

And our testimonies as a nation.

This is the occasion for us all to thank the Lord God, the ,Creator of the Heaven and the earth.

It cannot be denied that all of us reading this column today have a lot of reasons enough to bless the Lord.

We all have testimonies to share of God’s goodness and mercy upon us and our families.Because HE has kept me and you is  one  reason   to say, Thank You , my Father in HeavenWords are not enough to recount all we have seen and all we have received.

Yes, we had moved in valleys of life and also on seas and mountains. Here we are today few hours to the year 2020.Show your gratitude to the Lord God Almighty.Thank Jehovah for the daily help in the outgoing yearThank God Who alone can preserve lives for daily protection within your house, in your place of work and at all the places you had been toWe were not brought out dead !Thank God  for deliverances everywhere,even on highways.

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We must thank God for daily direction.We might have lost things , we did not lose all.We might have had pains, yet the Lord dotted our pains with joy that made us overcome the sorrow Or are we still buried in pains and sorrows that we can not get up.? Our life is not ours because the Owner has not come to require it from us yet.And pending the time, HE alone knows when, we live the life to praise Him.

Today being the last Sunday in 2019, can you open a note book and begin to list all that the Lord has done for you in the year on one side and what you think you lost on the other side of the note..If you are too tired to write them, do the mental calculations and see what the Lord did through the year.And see the results you have in your hand Let us account for all His benefits for us.

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Nothing , I want to say, we can give or say to the Lord for all HE has done,and HE is still doing for usRise up and  bless Him, even when tears rise up and fill your eyes.Who else could have gone so far with you, holding you up in life? Lord, I join those who are alive till today appreciating You, to say You alone are God.

You alone have seen me through it all making me know that all creatures can change, but You, God, do not and can not changeThank You Lord for the strength You gave in face of diverse situations.

Thank You God for victory in the night and day times and especially for standing  by us till this point.


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