Only God could have done this! My three important reproductive organs were closed for me to have conception

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After I got married, I waited a couple of years for the fruit of the womb.

My husband and I  later went for medical way out of this. After a lot of tests , it was found out that my two fallopian tubes were blocked.

As if these were not enough problems for me, my uterus also was said to have gummed together. The three important reproductive organs were closed for me to have conception.

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My case , according to human knowledge, was an impossible oneI rode on Jesus’  cry for mercy to the God for me . I was coming for programmes in our church standing in faith even when it looked as if nothing was happening.And mercy spoke for me.

My case was mentioned in one service, and with all in me I keyed into the prophecy. And God cleared all the obstruction. And made me a mother.

Today, four years after the encounter, the Lord has made me a mother of three children.Someone with no organs to bring forth children, God gave me a turn around blessing.To Him be all the honor and glory for ever and ever

Only God could have done this! I lived carelessly from teenage years...
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