Only God could have done this! I was in great pains…

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Thank God for Godly parents HE gave to me. They made us, the children to know the Lord Jesus Christ from our childhood. They taught us to depend on God and God alone.

When I was to resume into the university, I felt I had to take my case concerning my admission,  my entire school years and where I would live – to God. I went to the Lord, standing before the altar to pray.

And God heard me.

Events that followed proved so because battles came upon me.

But the name of the Lord Jesus stood for me and gave me victory.One day in school, I went to the school chapel and was thanking God for help HE had given me.I was just saying, ‘ All glory and honour to You Father and my Lord Jesus…..’  only to find another student behind me. He came so near that I could hear him clearly declaring the opposite of what I was saying.

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This was one month of staying in school.This was strange to me. I therefore started speaking in tongues.To my amazement, the student fell down. When he got up, he threatened me that I would not complete my studies in the school with the kind of fire I possessed or it would not take long .time before the fire in me would be quenched.

He even had the boldness to tell me to leave the school quietly on my own accord I did not respond to him but continued speaking in tongues till I left the chapel that day.This was not a dream, but a real life  thing.

This boy still ran after me and warned me that if I loved myself I would do what he told me –  leave the school for ‘ them:I got back to my room. That night, I slept only to wake up with swollen legs.I could not wear my shoesI could not carry the legs so I pulled a call to my parents to come to school to pick me home.

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We went straight to church because my parents felt we should first report the case to the Lord before His altar before going to the hospital.Thank God it was a service day , as we were entering the church,I was in great pains though,The Man of God spoke of my case.The strength came on me to rush forward to the altar place where I was prayed for.I was ministered to and the Lord of immediately answered  me .

The afflictions disappeared.There , the swollen legs heard the Word and began to reduce to normal.

I put on my shoes  that very day.I later went back to school two days  after and God made me a he-that- cannot-be-touched.Praise the name of the Lord

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