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Lady slams fellow ladies who complain about pounding yam for their husband

A lady has stated that it is the mandate of a woman to cook for her husband no matter how exposed she might think she is.

In a post she shared on Twitter, the lady wondered why many ladies find it difficult to take on task such as pounding yam and preparing other African delicacies for their husband.

She wrote:

She went on to give a hint of the kind of situation such ladies might end up in.

“a family friend told me a story of a woman who didnt like cooking and so on, so she hired a maid. along the line, the husband ran into an ex…. then the ‘ex’ started cooking food in a cooler for him every morning to take to work. he sometimes sleeps at miss ‘ex’ apartment.

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a man can help a woman as well, i never said she was a stay-put in the kitchen, but one of a wife duties is to cook, u can eat out, and even hire a maid for assitance. dont get it twisted”.

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