Ghanaian singer warns people about pastors on December 31st cross over night


Ghanaian singer, Mzbel has advised people to beware of pastors and their antics as they go for cross over night on December 31st.

According to Mzbel, the pastors are ready to use all sorts of methods to scam people of their money during the service.

She wrote:

“Do not be deceived this 31st December night vigil

“I feel sad when I hear preachers ask people to sow seeds in order for God to do something for them. Why would God want you to sow a seed to him before opening some special doors for you? You will hear statements like I see greatness in your child, sow a heavy seed to secure his greatness. The question is, is it the seed that secures the child’s greatness or it is purely God?

As we approach 31st December, some preachers will induce fear into you by their statements, and once you get scared, you have been entrapped already. They will make statements like; In the year 2019, there will be disasters, calamities, job losses, strange diseases, accidents, divorces and hardships. if you want God to preserve you and your family from all these things, rush to the altar. You can imagine the numbers that will rush there. Because nobody wants disaster to befall him”.

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