Dasuki speaks on his detention and release

Former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki has opened up on his ordeal since getting arrested in 2015 amby the Buhari administration.

Dasuki show as released yesterday spoke to Voice of America (Hausa) saying he has no feud with President Buhari.

Below is an excerpt of the interview.

VoA: How can you thank Nigerians who have been praying for your release which eventually happened today, you have your freedom?

Dasuki : There are no words enough to show appreciation for all the prayers offered. All we can do is to thank them and pray to God to reward them abundantly. We have seen the results of their prayers.

VoA: Seeing that you have spent four years in detention; do you feel healthy or you have certain health challenges?
Dasuki : Thank God I am in full health. I have no ailment at all.
VoA: How did you meet your family?

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Dasuki : Glory to God, everyone is ok.

Voa: So what will you say to the federal government?

Dasuki : There is nothing really to say to the government. Everything that happens to an individual is from God. It is only God’s will that will prevail. It is ignorance or lack of faith that pushes some to think that certain individuals are behind their predicaments. Everything is ordained by God. Like you said, I was detained for four year and I am out today. Only God knows tomorrow. The only thing is that there must be fairness. Whoever goes to the Mosque on Friday must surely have heard the Imam always preach for fairness and honesty. There is a reason for that. Everyone should listen to it.

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VoA: Are you now returning to court to prove that the allegations against you are not correct?

Dasuki : Of course, I stopped going to the court because I was granted bail but the government refused to release me and I said whenever the bail order is complied with I will appear before the court and defend myself. I am ready.

VoA: There are rumours that your predicament is traced to the fact that you were the one who arrested President Buhari during a military coup and you are now paying for it?

Dasuki : I am not aware of that. All I know is that everything is from God.

VoA: So there is no sort of feud between you and the President?

Dasuki : I have no feud with anybody. I am more than that. I can’t engage in a feud with anyone.


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