Comedian Bovi’s birthday message to his female manager gets criticized (Read why)

Comedian Bovi has reacted after a follower of his called him out over his birthday message to his female manager.

Bovi took to social media with a picture of the lady and aessage which the follower felt was inappropriate.

Comedian Bovi wrote: “Happy birthday to my darling manager @annobaseki . If not for her, I’d be back in the village because this city life gets on my nerves. She’s a professional, Iron Lady, soothing balm, a temper diffuser, a constant reminder of what you’re worth and an expert negotiator.”

The follower, @smart_cassie_ replied to the birthday post, writing: “Not polite to call another man’s woman your darling . Since she is your manager , that’s official and you shouldn’t add darling before addressing her. Thank me later ? @officialbovi “

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And Bovi responded: ” @smart_cassie_ at this rate, you will die of foolishness one day.”


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