Trends in Handball League as 20 teams set to compete in Kaduna National Division 1

No less than 20 teams are expected in the National Division 1 handball league scheduled for November 13-26 in Kaduna, a manager said. Abubakar Ahmed, a board member of the National Handball Federation (NHF), revealed the news in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) on Wednesday in Kaduna.

Ahmed said the event would take place at Murtala Mohammed Square in Kaduna.

“We expect 20 or more teams in the league in Kaduna.” “We also have academies that are interested in the league, including Ogun’s mental reach gladiators and the paramilitary squad,” he said.

According to him, the league will meet in collaboration with the state government of Kaduna.

“We toured the facilities and began to improve the land to meet the standards, the state government also provided accommodation,” he said.

He added that efforts will be made to ensure that players enjoy their stay in that state for the duration of the league. “Kaduna has the best facilities in the country and we are gathering the players here so we can set the stage for good results in future competitions.”

Recalled that Ajana, the head coach of D: Defenders of Abuja, said Saturday that his team would work hard to win the next edition of the Prudent Energy Handball Premier League. The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the men’s handball team finished the 2019 edition of the league in fifth place in the final table with 31 points.

The defender Babes, her female counterpart, also belonging to the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security Corps (NSCDC), finished sixth with 15 points in the women’s category of the competition that has just ended.

NAN reports that the second and final phase of the league was held in Lagos from October 5 to Wednesday. Ajana, who is also the head coach of Defenders Babes, told NAN in Abuja that it was necessary to recruit new players.

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He said he would help strengthen the club for the next league in 2020. The coach said that most of his male players became ill during the competition in Lagos.

  • “My players were treating malaria during their matches. Most of them were injected. The injury was also one of the factors that made them successful.
  • “One of the players even fainted at the hotel after one of the matches. Then, they did their best in the competition. At least we finished in the fifth position.
  • “We lost our last two games against Niger United and Kano Pillars.” If we had defeated them, we would probably have finished first at the table.
  • “The women’s team also had an average performance in their games.
  • “But now, we (NSCDC) have to recruit new players to strengthen the team before the next edition,” he said.

Ajana said the NSCDC had used 16 players and 15 players in the competition, most of them playing for the club for 15 years. “So we have to replace them with new young players.” The handball sports fans register today for the league’s outcome predictions. According to the NAN, 12 men’s clubs and 10 women’s clubs participated in the second phase of the 2019 Prudent Energy Handball Premier League, which has just ended.

Also, the president of the Kwara Handball Association, Emmanuel Olubiyo, awarded a scholarship to the winners of the U-15 women’s team at the recent National Youth Games in Ilorin. Olubiyo announced the award at a reception in honor of the winning handball team on Sunday at the Oyun Baptist High School in Offa.

He urged students to focus on their education, which, he said, was their main task, adding that the athletes were intelligent people and not intruders.

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“I want to inform the parents of these girls, who won a gold medal for the Kwara in women’s U-15 handball, that my foundation decided to offer them a scholarship for one year.

“It’s a way to encourage them to do more.” I always told people that athletes are super smart because calculations are needed to play handball. ” A bored student or those who don’t take their studies seriously can’t stand out in the game, “said Olubiyo.

He congratulated the authorities of Oyun Baptist High School for providing a space to train players and parents to free their pupils.

“I should thank the parents of these girls for letting their children train for more than a year, as well as the authorities of Oyun Baptist High School, Offa, for providing them with facilities and equipment. The association would not have accomplished this feat without their cooperation, “he added.

Olubiyo asked the state government to support handball so that the sport can reach heights.

“I ask the state government to help the association. It is widely known that current Deputy Governor Kayode Alabi was once a handball player and had won a trophy for the state. We hope he can support the association so that Kwara can continue to dominate the sport in Nigeria, “said Olubiyo.

In his response, the director of Oyun Baptist High School, Mr. Sunday Lambe, pledged to continue supporting the association every time they knock on the door. Lambe said he was delighted that the students at the school bring glory to the state at the recent National Youth Games in Ilorin.

NAN reports that each of the 16 team members, including players from different state schools, will receive payment of their tuition fees for a session determined by Olubiyo.

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