Symbaserothick dumps Dangote, shifts attention to Burna Boy

Model Singobile Cummings aka Symbaserothick has dumped Aliko Dangote and has shifted her attention to so get Burna Boy.

Symbaserothick who hasn’t gotten any attention from Dangote since she has been professing her love for him, decided to lower the bar by going after Burna Boy.

She shared a picture showing the singer grabbing his crotch and captioned it:

“I think it’s time to break fast. is anyone hungry?? I love his music #dontyou . #sorrydangote but your always too busy for me or they keep saying I’m too muhh of a thot for you so guess what I need to have something juicy to sit on… I mean fall back on.”

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Sadly for Symbaserothick, Burna Boy is currently to hooked with Jamaican dancehall singer, Stefflon Don.

Burna Boy – Symbaserothick

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