Only God could have done this! I had a dream of wearing black garment with some other people…

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I thank God JESUS met with me and drew me to Himself.All the glory to Him.I was living what you would call ‘ anyhow’ life.

I was so bad that it could only be the mercy of God that  can make me human again I had a dream of wearing black garment with some other people.Fear gripped me and this drew me to church.

I gave my life to the Lord Jesus and started following the teachings from the Man of God as received from the Word of God.

As if to confirm my progress in the new life I was living, I had another dream where I was putting on white garment  while the others around me had stains on their own white garments.

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On waking up, I received the understanding about the dream. God made me see that I would be like the other people if I set aside what the Bible teaches about one’s dealings with God and man.

This spurred me into praying hard for help to live for Him. And I determined to go about following what the Word of God says.Then  it happened, a test!

I received a call from someone to come and do the painting of his house.

All quotations were made and honoured and the work doneI found that after the work was completed there was still more than enough money with me If I kept it to myself, there would have been no problem because the client had done his own part  without any squirms But my conscience was in tumult. My thoughts went riotous.

I had made my gain.This was now between me and God.With the help of God, I returned some of the money to the man.It was much, a lot of money he did not expect.Then, my mind was free.

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The Lord now encouraged me by opening three great business opportunities doors for me within two weeks.As if these were not enough, God showed up again.So I left for church vigil in excitement leaving my house unlocked. I had forgotten to lock the doors. I did no even know until I got back home the following morning.And it was the night that robbers descended on my neighbourhood and did their havoc.They touched almost,  if not all the houses, .They were not permitted to enter my house. Or  perhaps they did , but they could not touch anything.I came back home to see everything intact. Even the front door was slightly open.I feared this mighty God !How Jesus loves meI pray I’m able to love Him till eternity

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