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Life coach Lanre Olusola reacts to viral video about successful marriage

Life coach, Lanre Olusola has shared a post in reaction to a little girl giving her opinion on what a successful marriage is.

The little girl in the now-viral video could be heard saying a successful marriage involves the husband buying his wife Gucci and other material things.

Lanre Olusola reacted to the video saying:

”It’s fun listening to this little girl explain her idea of a successful marriage, I even enjoyed a good laugh. But let’s get to the critical issue at hand here

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Has a good marriage been simplified to the husband buying the wife Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton?
Today I’m going to be very hard on parents because we need to self reflect

Are we the ones DESTROYING our children?
Parents is it your fault that your children’s marriages are not working today?

Parents is it your fault that your children are more stressed, depressed, despondent etc today?
We NEED to change the narrative by what we teach our children and this is by how we behave (It’s no longer about telling them to do what we say because they’re learning and doing what we are doing)

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Dear parents, what are your own core values?
What do you wear?
How desperate are you to wear these things?
Not knocking people who wear designers, I buy them myself but if you can’t wear these things how do you feel? If you cannot afford these things for yourself or your children how do you feel?

Good Parenting starts with parents. We must begin to parent ourselves

Parent please don’t be your child’s instrument of destruction. You are a custodian of your child’s destiny, handle with great care


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