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Groom calls off wedding after discovering that wife lied about her University degree

A certain Nigerian Groom has called off his wedding slated for this weekend following a discovery that his wife lied about her University degree.

The Bride in question had deceived him of being a graduate of UNIBEN but while the Groom was processing her papers to have them relocate abroad after the wedding, it was found that she had lied.

SDK reports it thus:

“Why will someone not attend University but lie that they did? I don’t get it. Someone I know has called off his wedding cos the lady lied about having a University degree.

They were trying to verify her papers for a bigger step and it was discovered she had never been a student and on confrontation she fessed up that the admission did not work out and she hung out in school with friends and after four years went to Oluwole to get one.

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So u want to fake a certificate and u put 2nd class on it? There are so many loud mouths on the social media that are also guilty of this oh. Maybe everyone should use their University degree as their Instagram DP so that we can cross check. “

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