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Dartistebyawele becomes Elise Claire’s official Artistic Director In Nigeria

Elise Claire Cosmetics USA has officially announced their plans to set up in Nigeria as Franchise and Makeup Artist, beauty influencer cum photographer, Eniola Aina , better known as Dartistebyawele has also been picked as the official Artistic Director and Distributor.

Dartistebyawele is a renowned celebrity makeup artist, global beauty influencer and photographer with over 7 years experience in the makeup industry. 
She is a highly sort after makeup artist and has worked on the set of many local and international music videos, editorial spreads, movies, magazine, campaigns, fashion shows and Tv commercials.

Expressing her excitement over the deal, she said, “This means so much to me and it’s been nothing but a Jolloy ride all through the way. I’ve met so many inspiring women on this journey. I’m super thankful to God and Elise Claire Cosmetics for choosing me.What people don’t realize is that there are lots of international brands available in Nigeria. Either the brand themselves have come to setup in Nigeria as Franchise, or they have partnered with Official Distributors.
Elise Claire Cosmetics are amongst the best in Nigeria today. The company equally has strong international presence.It’s widely regarded as one of the world’s leading professional makeup and skincare authority because of their undoubtedly real and original expertise in makeup beauty industry. It’s a company established to honor everyone, irrespective of your skin, shade or color.They use their expertise to accentuate ladies’ beauties and make them even more adorable than ever before. They have their creed as “All Peers, All Colors, All Humanities”, and this can be true of how much they appreciate people and their individuality. “

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