Bolanle Olukanni slams Christians criticizing Kanye West

bolanle olukanni

Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni has reacted to the criticism rapper Kanye West has been getting since his announced conversion to Christianity.

According to her, Christians who criticize Kanye West to stop using his mistakes to discredit him.

She shared:

”Good morning guys. The body of Christ needs to do better . Someone is out there preaching the gospel and we are shouting he is “faking it.” Well sometimes the way we behave as people, someone can accuse us of faking it as wellll!! We should be praying for Kanye that God gives him wisdom and direction to use his influence for the kingdom. Stop using Kanye’s mistakes to discredit him . God doesn’t do that to us. People are like oh he is still prideful . Lmao sorry Holier than thou  I know how long I have been dealing with character flaws and I have been a Christian for almost 10 years. ( my 10th year anniversary is coming in December) Sooooo with that being said . Less talk. More rejoicing for God is gathering people to him. Kisses and love ! Have a blessed day #Godisthegreatest #kingdomarising”

I'm the greatest artiste God ever created - Kanye West
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