Beyonce is an example of why it is okay to have dark knuckles – Moyo Lawal

Actress Moyo Lawal has used Beyonce as an example of why it is okay to have dark knuckles which many attribute to bleaching.

The actress shared a picture of the US singer on Instagram which shows her having skin tags.

According to Moyo Lawal, people shouldn’t be worried about having dark knuckles as long as they are not black.

She wrote:

”Even Beyonce has skin tags, knuckles.. Kim that is almost white sef has knuckles(so far your knuckles are not black, you are good to go)……. . . …… See with your skin don’t stress, yourself worrying…… ……. If your skin is healthy, bright, even from head to toe…. And shining. View all”.

In other news:

Moyo Lawal recently revealed the foolish things she has done for love.

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She shared:

“Wondering the worse thing I have done after a heartbreak? I had done too many foolish things. Lover girl like me.

The annoying thing is that it is me that will run away from the relationship oh. One time, I cried for like a month, didn’t eat much and refused to date anyone for two years. Gosh, I wasted so much time on healing. God forbid, if I have a divorce, I won’t date again for five years.

“She continued: “The things I couldn’t tolerate,  broke my heart and spirit. Like it literally killed me. But it fixed my vision. I still hope that someday, that special someone that I can submit to, someone that I cannot live without, could find me and conquer my fears. For now, I am very happy,  just doing me and concentrating on me for the very first time in my life.”

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On how she  has been faring playing romantic roles in movies,  the Badagry – Lagos State born actress admitted that she’s always overwhelmed with emotions.”Playing certain roles in movies often remind me of my heartbreak. It makes me cry even when I wasn’t supposed to in the film. After that, I then carry over the crying to my house at the early hours of the morning to continue.

That is why I don’t like telling love stories. At a point,  I even fell sick briefly. Playing Characters so close to home takes way too much from me. While becoming someone else; loud, rude, party going, slutty girl and all that is way too easy.”

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