Aftermath of marriage of Pastor’s daughter who married three men at once


A few weeks ago, one Ann Grace Aguti made headlines for marrying three men at once.

The 36-year-old woman, identified as Ann Grace Aguti, who is a Pastor’s daughter, married three men and allocated them three out of the seven tiny huts in her compound in Ngora, Uganda.

Her action is reported to have incurred the wrath of her father, Pastor Peter Ogwang of Christ Foundation Ministries.

Well, Ann Grace Aguti has now denied her husbands conjugal rights as she disclosed that she is ready to chart a new course after becoming a Christian. 

The Ugandan woman turned a new leaf after accepting her father’s decision to end the polyandry relationship with her husbands identified as Enyaku, Alich and Oluka. Aguti however disclosed that her first husband Enyaku tried to manoeuvre his way back but she denied him his conjugal rights citing change of heart. 

“Enyaku returned with an introduction letter, but I have denied him conjugal rights. I am now focused on serving God.Unless he stops drinking alcohol, he will remain in my compound, but sharing a bed with me will not be possible. I am yet to get over the warmth of my husband, but God is my husband now,” she stated.

Though she is yet to experience sex as a married woman, the Ugandan woman said she is now able to save from her salary as she has no one depending on her again. 

“You may think the exposure has brought me shame, but show me any other woman in this village whose name is in the newspapers? I am now able to save and buy goats and other household items, which I could not afford before because as breadwinner I had a lot of responsibilities,” she added. 


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