‘Without Instagram, Yahoo Boys, you can’t survive’ – Joro Olumofin drags out Tunde Ednut

Joro Olumofin a self acclaimed relationship expert has taken out his time to carefully rip musician-turned-blogger Tunde Ednut apart for cyber-bullying him. 

The drama started when Tunde made a caricature of some of Joro’s relationship messages and concluded they were fake.

This obviously didn’t go down well with Mr. Olumofin who penned a length note in defense of his works, as well as making shocking revelations about Mr. Ednut.

Read Joro’s open letter: ” Dear Tunde, First of all. Check your DM. I sent you some things that will Humble you and reset your brain, it’s between us as MEN. Because of my good heart I won’t proceed on this campaign to make your life miserable. Just be informed that I can but I won’t. I can dedicate the next 6 months to do this but I won’t. Because I’m not Like you who derives pleasure in putting people down. You came after my name and the credibility of my brand that’s why I’m responding to you. I must assert that we are not of the same ilk. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL. Let me say it again. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL in any way possible. I can Trace my Pedigree 5 generations back. I’m from an Aristocratic, Dignified family.Can I ask you a question? : Without Instagram, Yahoo Boys and Some celebrities funding you. 

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Dear Tunde, How will you eat? Never for one day think we’re the same or you’re on my playing field. Without Instagram i flourish on a daily basis. I enjoy what I do.  Instagram is banter. No one supports anyone here. You can’t invest on IG.Without Instagram you are Nothing, You are a jest, a quip , a jive.

Some differences in the both of us Tunde: 

1️⃣ I have 4 ( Unisex) products approved by Nafdac

2️⃣ I have factories / office and staff.

3️⃣ launching another 3 products next year God willing.

4️⃣I have several registered businesses who have a good public and private sector track record. 

5️⃣Currently pursuing my PhD THE ISSUE OF JORO FAKE STORIES: 

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1️⃣I have Male & Female celebrities gist and nudes, Pastors, Politicians, bankers. I have never posted or exposed anyone and I never will. Etc: Dear Joro. I’m pregnant for this celebrity what do I do? 

2️⃣THIS QUESTION IS FOR EVERYONE: is it possible that I fake 80 mails in day? Ask yourself. Is it possible? Is it possible that I’ve been faking stories for the past 4 years ? Every single day. If you think it’s possible I can’t convince you otherwise. Back to you Tunde, I know you’re not literate enough to read this so please beg someone in Atlanta to read to you. A WISE KING NEVER SEEKS WAR BUT IS ALWAYS PREPARED FOR IT. If You want to be stubborn. I AM READY FOR YOU! “


Ella Chioma

Ella Chioma is an entertainment and celebrity style editor with years of experience in the industry. She is a graduate of Linguistics & African Languages from the University of Ibadan. She obtained a Diploma in Mass Communication from the prestigious Enugu State University Of Science and Technology (Esutech). She likes to write, cook and listen to soothing music.

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