Why I was initiated into cult when I got married to Ned Nwoko – Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels has revealed why she got initiated into a cult for woman, Aniocha Women’s Group, when she got married to billionaire Ned Nwoko.

Regina Daniels stated this during an interview with Potpourri.

Excerpts below.

Your (Regina Daniel) initiation into Aniocha women’s cult, what does it entail

First of all, I will not call it an initiation, it is more like being welcome to womanhood and for you to be part of that group. It’s an elite group, you must be married and be a woman of substance. I will say I’m even privileged to be part of that group.

As a billionaire’s wife do you still play with your age mates?

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Well, I have never actually liked hanging out with my age mates. I go for people that are far older than me so I could learn something from them or people who are bellow so I could teach them something and being married to my husband hasn’t stopped me from relating with those people.

What do you love most about your husband (Ned Nwoko)?

His honesty. He’s the most honest person I have ever met. In short, I love his honesty.

What’s the next level for you (Regina Daniel) as an actress?

Business, producing, directing and of course, Hollywood.

What are the things marriage has robbed you of?

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I can’t think of anything because when I was single, my life was always about acting, schooling and I didn’t have time for a party but now that I’m married I could go out for parties. I can even say I’m more privileged to have more opportunities now to do things than when I was single.

Can you (Regina Daniels) leave acting at the behest of your husband?

The question is, will he ask me to leave acting? First of all, I never thought about that but the man I married will never ask me to leave what I love.

Regina Daniels
Regina Daniels

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  1. wow I never thought that there are still woman in these world like Regina Daniel I am so impressed to hear from your mouth saying wonderful thing about your husband,not every day someone get the idea to wise like you are now you are free from men of the world and happply married I am really proud of you keep it up and inspire woman of our world today thanks for your speech. have a nice day as well.

  2. Stupid girl, you married your grandpa because of money and got initiated into ogboni cult so you can never cheat on him and you are calling it a social group, sooner or later our politics will have no more room for old men like your nwoko. mbok!

  3. ls not your age but am still happy 4 you my dear don’t mind gossipers, you are in heaven, some are jelious am very very happy 4 u

  4. you are a disgrace to womanhood, tell us the truth you didn’t marry the old man in the first place because of love, you married him because of money.
    Are you telling me that if at all the old man is a village championship but with good character without much money, would you ever thought of going near to the man talk of marrying him.
    dear sister Regina you married money not a man.thanks
    that’s your choice.

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