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What will happen to lecturers who engage in s*x for grades – Betty Irabor

Betty Irabor has revealed what will happen to lecturers who engage in sex for grades.

She took to social media in reaction to the BBC documentary on sex for grades which exposed Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu of the University of Lagos.

Betty Irabor wrote:

”As a Nigerian parent, I would like to apologise deeply on behalf of NIGERIAN PARENT’S for all the times we have failed our children. After watching the video #sexforgrades, my first thought was our roles as parents; I ask myself, ” could I have told my mum as a young girl that a lecturer was asking me for sex for grades? The answer is a “NO!” WHY? “Because I must have said or done something wrong. I would end up being the guilty one”. For this same reason, predators, rapists get away with murder. All they have to do is threaten the petrified child with ” I will tell your mother or father that you made me do it”…
I have read the accounts of students who endured the sexual harassment for years because they couldn’t dare open up to their parents. It is so heart breaking.

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”I thank the BBC for going the miles to expose these perverts, sadists and sickos. I hope parents learn huge lessons from this. Home should be a safe place for our children and not an extension of the jungle out there.
My thoughts are with those who have been mortally wounded over the years by these #sexforgrades perverts. May these perverts continue to drink from their cup of sorrow. Society also needs to stop judging people who have the courage to speak up about their hidden traumas in the hands of sickos and perverts. We the Media also need to get to work and expose societal ills and the goons behind them..”

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