See why Falz is trending alongside the s*x for grades scandal

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Rapper Falz is currently trending on Twitter and it’s over the sex for grades scandal as seen in a BBC documentary.

Falz got dragged into the situation by social media users who recalled his words in a song of his which spoke about ”transactional sex”.

Many wondered why he hasn’t aired his voice since the sex for grades scandal has been trending.

See screenshots below.

Back in January when Falz received backlash for his song, he issued a statement saying, ”Shamelessly I will continue to say it. I detest transactional sex. It is my thing, that is what I believe in and you will continue to hear it in my music.”

He then goes further to explain, ”The same feminist that will say the woman is free to do what she likes, that who am I to tell women not to put herself up for money is the same feminist that will say women are being objectified, now you are that same person that is going ahead to commodify yourself. You have turned yourself into a commodity.

Self objectification, self commoditation, I detest it and I will continue to speak against it,

Their argument often is that I speak about the runs girls and I don’t talk about the guys. If you are going to talk about a certain epidemic, obviously you are going to use the more popular scenario, the more relatable scenario and that is why I always use the runs girl.”

He further defended himself saying, ”On ‘Regards To Your Mumsi’ ft Ajebutter, we seriously mocked the men who patronize them but we all know that the epidemic is more popular with the women.”

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