Police reveals what will happen to officers receiving bribe, money for bail

Mr Ahmed Abdulrahman, the Commissioner of Police in Enugu State, has revealed what will happened to officers who extort and take bribes.

Abdulrahman disclosed this while addressing police officers at the Area Police Command in Nsukka.

He warned that officers who take bribe or money for bail will not be spared.

“The era of extortion, collection of money before doing your job or taking money before granting somebody bail is over, I will not condone such unprofessional practices.

“Some people erroneously believe that when a policeman collects illegal money from the public, he will give it to the Division Police Officer (DPO).

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“According to them, DPO will give it to the Area Commander and area commander will give it to Commissioner of Police, that is a complete lie,’’ he said.

He added that noboy should present brown envelops contain bribe to him because it is poisonous.

“Bail is free, if any policeman collects money to bail anybody, the public should report that officer to me and he or she will be sanctioned.

“If somebody appreciates you willingly because of the excellent way you are doing your work, I am not against it.’’


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