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Paga founder, Tayo Oviosu shares experience of how he was humiliated for 3 governors

Paga founder, Tayo Oviosu

Tayo Oviosu, the CEO and founder of Paga, has revealed what happened to him at the ongoing Future Investment Initiative (FII) summit.

According to Tayo, despite leaving early to book a seat for himself, he was asked to vacate it for 3 governors who came late to the summit.

Read what he share don Twitter:

”This afternoon I went early to the FII session to get a good seat. To my luck, speakers got the front rows. I ended up getting 3rd row smack in the middle. After about an hour then the main event – world leaders speaking – was about to start.

All the dignitaries started coming in. Nigeria’s President was two seats ahead of me and Minister of Communications right in front of me – we said hello and had a brief chat. Two guys who were Nigerian came and sat next to me.

I start talking to the person next to me Next thing the Nigerian guys are asking me to leave my seat so that all 3 Nigerian governors can have a prime seat. I was so shocked. Like I said, No. He asked if I was Nigerian. I said Yes. And I went back to my conversation. Why do we behave like this???

I wonder if it’s because I was in Paga tee, jeans, and a sports coat. If I were in traditional would he have done that?”

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