Man bashes Bobrisky’s new Range Rover, damages his iPhone11


Popular transvestite, Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, has clashed with a man for bashing his Ranger Rover and smashing his iPhone.

In a video, which surfaced online hours ago, Bobrisky is seen taking out his phone to capture the registration number of the man whose car hit his from behind.

The man then smashes Bobrisky’s iPhone 11max on the ground, resulting in the two of them getting physical with each other.

Narrating what happened in an Instagram post, Bobrisky explained: “About 5.17 pm I was driving to a meeting when this man bashed my car from behind.”

After the man allegedly hit his car, Bobrisky said “I was trying to record his stupidity when he was saying what can I do.

“The next thing I saw was he hit my iPhone 11 max too. I got so mad I ran into his car to collect his phone and his car key only for him to run after me to collect his phone and car key from me.

“I fought him like I was on something. At some point, I didn’t even care to see people recording. I was mad.”

Although the man is seen in a video apologising, the controversial figure said he must spend the night in a cell, get him a new phone and fix his car.

Bobrisky, who clocked 28 on August 31, acquired the Range Rover to celebrate the new age.

His planned birthday party was aborted when policemen stormed the venue in Lagos, accusing him of planning to initiate people into homosexuality.


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