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Homosexuals need medical and spiritual cleansing – Ghanaian Parliament Speaker

mike oquaye

Mike Oquaye, the Ghana Parliament Speaker, has stated that homosexuals need spiritual cleansing.

Speaking at a parliament meeting, Oquaye stated that homosexuality is a defiant conduct which can’t be stopped with just medical attention.

“When it comes to a spiritual connotation and you need deliverance we shall handle it. Homosexuals have a deviant conduct; it’s a deviant conduct like any other deviant conduct.”

“Of course, it doesn’t mean you [homosexuals] must be killed, it doesn’t mean your arm must be amputated. We don’t do any such thing here. We try to handle the matter; either we teach you medically, or we also handle it psychologically”, he said.

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“It is a matter of concern to all because some people may have sex with animals, turn round and bring bestiality sicknesses and be having sex with other human beings; then you tell me it is your business, it is not your business” he added.

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