Ghanaian professor blasts critics who absolve lecturers s*x for grades lecturers

Professor Akosua Adomako Ampofo has spoken against those who absolve the lecturers indicted by a sex for grades documentary.

Ampofo, a professor of African and Gender Studies at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, said she was exhausted by comments from Ghanaians about the lecturers.

She also called for decisive measures to be taken so as to enable other victims come out with their stories.

She said, “I get so exhausted when people say the students also harass the lecturer and I ask if they [lecturers] do not have the strength; you that have more power and responsibly more than her? It is a recurring problem as people have said and we are behaving like ostriches.

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“This is something that is going on in our environment. We are aware of it. It happens to our daughters, sisters and occasionally our brothers and until somebody speaks up, the rest of us continue to go on with our everyday life and that is very disturbing.”


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